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We have a convenient way to get back your lost belongings.

We may lost lot of things in this busy world, So naturally there are so many chances to lose our keys. Very likely there is a chance to get it back. In this case seQRo create the opportunity to get your key back soon...!!! seQRo is an emerging technology, which providing a keychain with an inbuilt QR code which leads anyone who scans it straight to you by displaying your contact details .

If you lost your keychain or/and at the time of any emergency, with seQRo keychain can access your details including emergency contact number

How To Get Yours?
Follow The Steps To Get Your Key

Buy seQRo keychain from any store nearest to you and register your details.

If your camera doesn't support scanning please download any QR code scanning app from your app store.

After scanning the QR code, open the link appears to ensure your details are correct.

Why choose us?

We are providing highly secured and good quality products, which are convenient to all.


We are always thinking about your safety,so you are safe with KeyseQRo.


KeyseQRo create our product in an impressive way, with high quality meterials.


Our registration processes are very user-friendly ,so you can easily connect with KeyseQRo.

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